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What is a Business Intelligence Engineer, what does he do, how to become? Business Intelligence Engineer Salaries 2022

What is a Business Intelligence Engineer, What Does It Do, How to Become a Business Intelligence Engineer Salaries 2022

The business intelligence engineer is responsible for creating data analysis systems to manage business decisions of companies. It performs the data collection, analysis and presentation tasks necessary to execute marketing, business development and product management decisions at a high level.

What does a business intelligence engineer do, what are his tasks?

The Business Intelligence Engineer’s primary responsibility is to create business intelligence and analytics solutions that turn data into insights. Other duties of professional professionals are;

  • Design business intelligence solutions,
  • Create data storage systems for reporting and analysis,
  • Support the development of business intelligence standards to meet business objectives,
  • Coordinate with business units to define new data requirements, analytics strategies and reporting mechanisms.
  • Train a business intelligence specialist in data engineering and analytical skills,
  • Propose changes to optimize business intelligence processes,
  • Create and execute project plans within budget and on time,
  • Implement business intelligence solutions to achieve reporting and data analysis objectives,
  • Maintain the confidentiality of company information.

How to become a decision engineer?

There are no formal education requirements to become a business intelligence engineer. It is possible to practice the profession by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, computer engineering and related departments of universities, which provide a four-year course.

Required Qualifications of a Business Intelligence Engineer:

  • Have a command of technical English
  • To be able to use data mining programs,
  • Ability to prioritize multiple work tasks
  • Ensuring teamwork and management,
  • Propose creative solutions to problems,
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills,
  • Adapt to a busy work environment,
  • initiate,
  • No military obligation for male applicants.

Business Intelligence Engineer Salaries 2022

The lowest salary of a business intelligence engineer received in 2022 is 8,000 TL, the average salary of a business intelligence engineer is 14,900 TL and the salary of a business intelligence engineer of highest business is 22,000 TL.