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How to become a Python engineer in 2022? A simple guide

by Analytics Insight

April 27, 2022

Python is not only a popular programming language around the world, but it is also the one that offers the most promising career opportunities.

The demand for Python professionals is increasing every year. This is the reason why this high-level programming language is so popular.

Here are some of the main responsibilities that a Python engineer must fulfill in large technology companies.

  • Writing efficient, reusable, testable and scalable code
  • Understand, analyze and implement code – this for business needs, feature change requests and conversion to software components.
  • Integration of user-oriented elements in different applications, data storage solutions
  • Development – Backend components to improve performance and responsiveness, server-side logic and platforming, statistical learning models, highly responsive web applications
  • Design and implementation – High availability and low latency applications, data protection and security features
  • Performance optimization and application automation
  • Test and debug software applications with Python testing framework tools such as Behave, Pytest, PyUnit, etc.
  • Good understanding of server-side template languages
  • Thorough understanding of code versioning tools
  • Strong unit testing and debugging skills
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies
  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent knowledge of Python web frameworks

Now, the most important thing when you go looking for a job, you must have a good CV.

For a python engineer, your resume should contain a summary of yourself and your goals, every detail of your web development skills, data science skills, core competencies, work experience, portfolio, and details on strengths and weaknesses.

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