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Exclusive! “If I wasn’t an actress, I would have been an engineer” Aabha Paul on her actin journey

Mumbai: Actress Aabha Paul has captured the hearts of fans over time with her amazing acting contribution. The actress is known for her projects like Hai Taubba, Lolita PG House Part 1, Mastram. No doubt the actress is always looking forward to doing something different for her pants.

The TellyChakkar team had an exclusive chance to speak with actress Aabha Paul about her acting journey where she also spoke in detail about the types of characters she is looking forward to doing on digital platforms.

Aabha Paul for an acting trip

Actress Abha Paul says she is from Ghaziabad and it was not planned to become an actress initially. But it was a dream of her mom because of which she became an actress. Her mother always wanted her to become an actress or model in life. Aabha Paul says if she wasn’t an actress, she would have been an engineer. Shedding some light on the acting journey, the actress revealed that she was blessed to work with an incredible group of talented people. She has received incredible responses from fans for her work.

Aabha Paul on the types of characters she is looking forward to doing on the digital platform

Aabha Paul had indeed delivered different types of characters especially on the digital platform, asking about the types of characters she is looking forward to doing on the digital platform, the actress says she really looking forward to making strong characters, no matter it’s a positive or a negative character but it should be strong.

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Aabha Paul on his acting inspiration

The actress went candidly with us and revealed that there are many actresses in the Bollywood industry that she considers her acting inspiration. Aabha Paul says that not only the journey of these actresses, but also the types of projects they do, inspired her to become an actress. Giving some examples, the actress says she would like to take the name Priyanka Chopra in the movie Barfi. The actress reveals that what she did in the film was amazing and left a strong impression on the hearts and minds of fans.

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